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JNCC Data Inventory (Public) - July 2018

This dataset is a workbook that contains a public inventory of data assets maintained or held by the Joint Nature Conservation Committee (JNCC). The inventory includes but is not limited to datasets published as open data. This inventory has been published in accordance with the Government's transparency agenda and JNCC's Open Data Policy, and is intended to encourage enquiries about availability of data produced by JNCC. However please note that some of the data listed in the inventory may not be eligible for publication or release by JNCC due to third party rights, environmental sensitivity, or for other reasons. The inventory is based mainly on an extract of records in JNCC's Topcat metadata catalogue. Topcat is not yet a complete view of JNCC's data assets and the public inventory may omit some data assets that will be added in later versions. The public inventory also excludes: (a) datasets that mainly contain personal data or are held for purposes of JNCC's internal administration (such as human resources records), (b) most datasets that belong to third parties and are held under licence for use in JNCC's work, and (c) reports produced in document formats including PDFs. For more information about JNCC's Open Data Policy please see



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