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Bike sharing and bicycle hire

Bike sharing and bicycle hire systems consist of a local, regional or national network of bicycle hire stations. All hire systems offer a comprehensive range of bicycles. Depending on the system, the bicycles can be used for a single hour or for several days. Various providers allow bicycles to be collected from one location and returned at another. Others require the bicycle to be returned to the starting point. The service is suitable for tourists, but also for everyday use on short routes such as commuting to work in combination with public transport (PT). Certain providers offer bicycles suitable for longer bike rides. Standard bicycles, children’s bicycles, e-bikes or mountain bikes are available depending on the provider and station. The process of hiring a bicycle varies from provider to provider, e.g. paying a deposit, via smart card or by smartphone. The map shows bike sharing and bicycle hire stations belonging to NextBike, PubliBike, Rent a Bike, Schweiz rollt and Velospot. It gives information about opening times, the hire system, and terms and conditions of hire for each location.



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