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General and Personal Medical Services, England December 2016, Provisional Experimental statistics

A provisional view of GPs by type working in General Practice . The general practice data records numbers and details of GPs in England. Time series data is available within the excel tables together with more detailed information for December 2016 data for England, by NHS England Regions, NHS England Region Local Offices, Clinical Commissioning Groups and practice. This report is one of several publications presenting details of staff numbers within the NHS workforce. Links to these publications are at the bottom of the page. Note: This publication only includes information on GPs, other practice staff groups including Nurses are not included. Given the classification of ‘Provisional Experimental statistics’ NHS Digital invited comments and feedback on the methodology applied which were reviewed over the summer and incorporated in revisions as part of this publication. Feedback is welcomed via email. Please email us with your comments and suggestions, clearly stating NHS Workforce as the subject heading, via or 0300 303 5678. For more details see:



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