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Environmental Service requests

This data set lists a number of services carried out by officers at Leeds City Council by date and location. These include responding to litter and noise complaints, reports of lost, found and stray dogs as well as fly tipping, graffiti and dog fouling amongst others. Column heading descriptions --------------------------- * RECEIVED: Date when the Service Request was first raised * SRRECTYPE: Code for the description (below) * SR TYPE DESC: Description of the Service Request * PC: Postcode sector for the location of the Service Request * WARD: Council ward which the Service Request refers to * COMPLETED: Date when the Service Request was fulfilled * CLOSED: Date when the Service Request case was closed on the system Please note ----------- * Some records use the Unique Property Reference Number (UPRN) to locate the ward. In a small number of cases this can result in the wrong ward being reported. This only occurs in relation to Service Requests on streets where the street UPRN is located in a different ward. This is not the case where Service Requests are made for a specific buildings. It should be noted that the number of these cases is very small and it is felt that as there will be discrepancies across all wards, the data still provides a balanced picture. * Where occurrences of fly tipping occur on land, e.g. in the middle of a field, a ward code may not be available due to the way the information has been historically recorded.  * This dataset includes daytime noise nuisance reports (08:00 - 18:00). Out of hours (18:00 - 03:30) reports can be found on the Noise nuisance - out of hours dataset: d in the service requests dataset: Automated dataset ----------------- * This dataset is automatically updated on the 1st of each month. * The data contained within will periodically transfer to the historic dataset to aid uploading.



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