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Department of Health trust boundaries

There are a total of 5 Health and Social Care Trusts (HSCT) in Northern Ireland; Belfast, Northern, Southern, South Eastern and Western. Each HSCT is managed directly by a board of directors which has corporate responsibility for its operation. The trusts are responsible for the delivery of responsive and effective health and care services and for the ownership and management of hospitals and other establishments and facilities. This health trust boundary dataset is derived from Ordnance Survey Northern Ireland (OSNI) 1993 local government district boundary dataset. A review of the original DHSSPS Trust Boundary dataset was completed in 2017. The original DHSSPS/DoH Trust Boundaries were derived from Land and Property Services (LPS) 50K scale Local Government Districts 1993. Using a scale of 1:50K to create the boundaries led to Largescale variations being made visible. This final DoH Trust Boundary shapefile is derived from LPS' 1993 Largescale Local Government Districts, removing scale variations and other surplus attribute information from the previous version. Updated 21/02/2018.



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