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Concealed families

The Census 2011 identifies concealed families in each district of the country. Here, we present the data and a breakdown of families into various groups; unconcealed, concealed lone parent families and concealed families. It is important to note that the data only identifies families with children, and does not identify lone individuals concealed within another household. So, what is a concealed family? Where more than one family lives in a property, the “second” family is called concealed – for example a young couple living with parents, or an older couple living in their son or daughter’s family home. What is a family reference person? Using the Census, each family is assigned a Family Reference Person (FRP). Where there is more than one family reference person in the household, the primary family is identified (usually the one containing the oldest full-time worker). Other families living in the same property are then counted identified as “concealed”. The Office for National Statistics (ONS) analyses concealed family types for each district, including the age group of the Family Reference Person. This is the data we have used, with a little editing to ensure it is "open" data.



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