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    Regeringen og den offentlige sektor

    Plan4all is a non-profit organisation that aggregates large open datasets related to planning activities in different areas, including spatial planning, transport, urban planning, environment, tourism and farming. The organisation aims to sustain and further enhance results of research and innovation projects by, for example, conducting research and experiments and transferring the results of their activities into practice.

  • Sector:
    Regioner og byer

    Golemio is the data platform for the Prague Capital City that aims to promote the re-usability of data to find more smart solutions. The platform serves as a single information point where data about the operation of the city can be found in the form of information and visualisation about various aspects, such as pollution and transportation, and can be analysed for further insights.

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    Retfærdighed, retssystem og offentlig sikkerhed

    An interactive map showing the percentage of people being prosecuted for gambling violations, depending on municipality regulations and gambling allowance

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